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Why Do Luxury Eco Homes Save You Money?

I recently listed 322 Chattanooga Street in Noe Valley. Most luxury homes are staged to wow potential buyers and, to be honest, having toured luxury homes for years I felt a bit let down when the developers first invited me to tour their home, taking them three years to finish. As you can imagine, I missed the subtle beauty and the fine craftsmanship that comes with an eco home that quietly commands slowing down. After many attempts to convince the two partners to place flashy chandeliers over the kitchen table and other key places I gave up. Several tries to sell this serene wonder, with other agents, my partner, John Kirkpatrick and I got the listing. I felt this house calling me from the start and as I write this

we are into our third week on the market. Most people can not imagine how realtors move in and out of peoples houses all day, everyday. Needless to say all too often we miss the depth of time sellers put in to making their home beautiful. Sometimes a home becomes our teacher and that is my experience at 322 Chattanooga. Point Presidio's story is nothing less than an amazing attempt to build an ecological socially responsible home that reflects our current creature trends embracing a contemporary look with the understated design and beauty of the natural world. I would say each time I am at this home I come away feeling a relationship to the earth much like we do hiking or camping. The house has a harmony that seems to breathe with the world. A simple peaceful experience allows me to find myself and with that I come home to a restful world internally and that is a mind body state that defines health!

Point Presidio’s Story

Sustainable Home with a Mindful Design

Built with attention and care toward developing a contemporary home, that uses sustainable, organic and non-toxic materials from the foundation up. The developers began by attaching netting to make sure neighbors were not impacted from the toxins release from the construction. In addition they brought in large air filters for the workers to insure they were not breathing toxins.

The five en-suite bedrooms, two half baths and rooftop garden are in an environmentally friendly SMART home with CAT-6 cabling. They choose beautiful Blomberg window systems providing natural light in every room; from the indoor/outdoor living to the several bedroom terraces. All three floors of beautiful and sumptuous living space are fully soundproof with insulation. Organic European oak flooring, radiant floor heating with self-leveling, insulating and soundproofing Gypcrete were selected to insure the home functioned efficiently and as a self ventilation system to toxins from the outside.

Spending quality time with loved ones starts with the Feng Shui design at the lower au pair unit, with a full kitchen, that opens to a lush garden. The intention was to create a rejuvenating experience as you take your first breath of clean fresh air when you step into this serene home.

322 Chattanooga is the one-of-a-kind modern luxury green home in the heart of Noe Valley.

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