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"Darcy is wonderful to work with!  She is sharp and knows what it takes to make a deal happen.  She is always looking out for her clients best interest and finding the right property to fit their needs.  She is responsive and understands the ever changing Real Estate market.  As a Mortgage Advisor, she is a pleasure to have on my team."


Ashley Card

Mortgage Advisor

"Look no further. Darcy is dynamic and committed to be your voice and advocate in buying or selling your home! She has a wide range of experience in business, design, the arts and personal growth. As a long term colleague and friend, I can stand behind her integrity and her focus in achieving goals. You will find her a joy to partner with as you embark on your journey together."

Rita R.

Teacher & Entrepreneur









Darcy recently helped me sell my one bedroom TIC in Noe Valley. She handled everything seamlessly, including the staging and additional work from inspection. As I now live in NYC and wasn’t in SF for the sale, I honestly don’t think I could have managed it without Darcy. She patiently navigated each obstacle that arose and supported me through the process, helping me sell at a time when the market was shifting in favor of the buyer. I can definitely recommend Darcy if you’re looking for an agent that will partner with you through the process. 

Tara Daly, 2022

Darcy worked her magic again!  Since she did such an incredible job helping us buy our wonderful home we had no hesitation in having her help us sell it. Darcy was able to navigate us through the ever changing tides of the housing market.  This allowed us to remain steadfast in our mission.  She also guided us into taking the right actions to prep our house for the sale. Which led us to the perfect buyer with a perfect offer in less than 48 hours of putting it on the market. Wow! The whole selling process went swimmingly. 

We feel extremely fortunate for Darcy being by our side every step of the way. Selling a home.

Denise, Patricio, 2022

When we selected our real estate agent, Darcy Elman, with COMPASS, we knew we were in good hands. Our property was more than just real estate, to us it was our future home. Dealing with what life has to offer, our plans changed and we decided to sell was our best option. Darcy immediately knew this was going to require some extra support and she delivered! Her experience with properties and clients really shone through. Darcy guided us through the process and advised us of our options.


Here is what we learned from our experience, and our sole purpose in sharing is to be helpful to new sellers. 1. Be very clear about your expectations. No one wants to walk away disappointed or not be fully aware of what is realistic. 2. Do not do any improvements which are not absolutely necessary. Most buyers will put their own signature on the purchase and better to conserve your resources. 3. When you do hire a contractor to make improvements, be very comfortable and secure about their ability to deliver on time. 

~Michael Labrie, Padriq Duignan 2021

Words will NEVER express my deepest gratitude. Early 2020, I was privileged to cross paths with Darcy at a social event. We instantly connected as she embodied a captivating spirit, witty personality, and a resilient heart as I could uncover throughout the evening.

We connected on a number of subjects, including her career in real estate, and shared acquaintances. Fast forward, with the changing dynamics of the city, I found myself giving strong consideration to purchasing a home in the Bay. After receiving pre-approval for a suitable amount to make the plunge worthwhile, I connected with Darcy as I felt most comfortable she could guide me to the finish line in this aggressive market.


Darcy welcomed my naivety of the SF real estate market with open arms and gave me considerable time to understand various loan types -- especially those that would be required for TIC dwellings. Darcy sought to understand my living needs by visiting my home, taking me around to a variety of home types, and uncovering what I found as my greatest likes in a living space. Along the way, we enjoyed many laughs as we traveled from home to home through the eclectic neighborhoods of San Francisco. I appreciated Darcy's tenacity and attention to detail at every visit. She helped me to understand that my discernment was on par with what I should have been looking for in a home. When I was ready to leave a place, she was in equal agreement... when I didn't see the value, Darcy helped me to see past the clouds. It was a great comfort for Darcy to help manage my expectations when I needed it most. When I found the dream place in Hayes Valley, Darcy helped me put in an offer. We reviewed all the documents and she acquired answers to questions I had as the purchaser. With her strong negotiation skills, she was able to have the additional concessions included that would have otherwise added more costs. On a personal dynamic, Darcy demonstrated patience and humanity when I went through an unexpected predicament in my personal life. Darcy showed patience -- and a focus on me as a human than just a client. While I felt bad for the pause this situation caused to the purchasing process, Darcy showed more concern about how I was navigating through my situation. It joys me that Darcy was my rock-steady support through this home purchasing process. I recommend her to anyone looking to have a true person -- and real estate professional - guide them to their next home in the Bay.

~James Gordon, 2020


I have waited some time to provide you my sincere gratitude for the amazing time we spent together in the pursuit of my rental property, which was to include a living space for me, as well.  You did not flinch at the challenge, tirelessly seeking out the perfect location and model home I desired to invest in within a 3-week time frame.

I cannot thank you enough, not only for your knowledge of the area, your pursuit of the specific property but also for the extra hand-holding during the lending process.  The friendly care you extended to me, confidently assuring me of the success of this investment, gave me the courage I needed to satisfy my retirement goals.

Additionally, the guidance you provided, sharing your experiences in the rental process, assisting in every way, and answering my endless questions only increased my allegiance to you for future real estate investments.  Knowing you have been there for me throughout my entire journey, reflecting your competence and dedication to the task at hand.

You are not only smart but resourceful and your actions are always professional.  I hope you know how much I respect you and your abilities and truly appreciate you.

~Sue Keddington, 2020


We never imagined we’d be able to buy a house in Marin near the water let alone during the pandemic. But miracles do happen, especially if your realtor is Darcy Elman. Seriously it was like a match made in heaven working with her.  Darcy has a go-getter attitude and a meticulous eye for detail that worked  hand in hand with my partner. I never thought anyone could keep up with his questions and eagerness the way she did. It was quite amusing and very rewarding. Also, Darcy has a sensibility of the energy, function, and design of a space that really resonated with me.  This allowed my partner and I to be at complete ease knowing she not only had our best interest in mind but truly understood what our wants and needs were. Plus Darcy’s commitment was to make sure we found a house we could call home and that the property would be a legitimate investment. Score!  What an amazing adventure.  We are so grateful for her expertise, tenacity, and grace that led us to a smooth acquisition of our Dream Home!. Thank you, Darcy, we could not have done this without you. We are singing your praises to our family and friends and will call upon you for our next investment property.

~Denise & Patricio, 2020

As first-time home buyers, we really had no idea how much time and energy was required to tour houses, write offers, secure financing, and ultimately end up in our own home. Darcy walked us through every step in the process and made sure that we were well informed and comfortable with each step before moving on to the next. She devoted her time to us (we literally toured houses every weekend for 3 months) and was always reachable by phone, text, and email at any time - she even worked for us and stayed up until 3:00 a.m. while on a personal vacation in Ireland just to make sure our offer was the first one submitted for a highly desirable home. She constantly went above and beyond for us, and always had our best interests at heart.



While the process was not always smooth, Darcy never let us get discouraged and ultimately helped us find our perfect home that checked all the boxes and then some. We highly recommend Darcy not only for her high degree of professionalism and extensive real estate knowledge but also for her energy, her tireless work ethic, and her positive can-do attitude.

Darcy is a fantastic agent! Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or looking to upgrade, Darcy will give you all of her energy to ensure that you are protected, confident, and excited about your next home purchase!

~Nicole Coddington & Kyle Carbajal, 2019

Darcy was such a pleasure to work with. Searching with an infant nearly an hour away from your home can be difficult. But Darcy was efficient. We started our journey with her by looking at 6 homes in one day. This first-day exploration, which was no joke, allowed us to scope out neighborhoods and price per square feet. But Darcy didn’t dawdle. If it was clearly not our style we were in and out, she wasn’t trying to convince us otherwise. After the initial day Darcy pre-screened properties as we narrowed our search so we didn’t waste our time crossing the bridge. Once we found our new home Darcy was realistic and insightful during negotiations. She put us first throughout and protected us through the process. She checked in frequently and walked us through the process.

Not only is Darcy a great realtor she is also well connected. She saved our deal by connecting us with a new mortgage broker who was able to pull off a very quick deal.

I highly recommend Darcy for your real estate needs. Not only is she a great realtor she a great person and fun to be with.

~Kirsten & Denis Goggin, 2019

I want to thank Darcy Elman for her wonderful real estate services in selling our project. She took the necessary time to fully listen and understand the appeal of the project and was able to bring out these points through her marketing. Her incredible creativity brought a definite special presentation during the open houses and events. Her expert knowledge of the luxury market really helped as well. She knows how to target her efforts to bring out the right potential buyers.  She demonstrated to be very dependable, friendly and hardworking. I was delighted to have her a part of the transaction. She treated the listing with the highest priority and it showed. I would highly recommend Darcy and look forward to future transactions with her.

~David Park, Point Presidio 2019

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