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10 Questions Sellers Never Think to Ask, and Should.


With the intensity of getting a house ready for the market. Sellers are often caught

up in the mix of hiding from the nonstop barrage of realtors clamoring to get their listing , and

pure overwhelm with the daunting task of packing and the dread of facing neglected home repairs they did not deem a priority.

Here are questions that will save you and your family frustration down the line, when you are going through the selection process of finding the right realtor.

  1. How long would you say it will take to get my home read to sell?

  2. How many listings do you have going right now? Will you have more coming on the market during my sale?

  3. If you handle multiple listings who covers your open houses? Are they licensed realtors?

  4. How do you plan on marketing my home?

  5. What is your approach to a fast sale?

  6. Where do you think the market is at?

  7. What are prices of homes, most like ours, in this neighborhood selling for and how many days were they on the market?

  8. Why do you want to list at the price you are quoting me?

  9. Can you show me some of your marketing material from your other listings?

  10. Can you provide me with a closing statement so that I can see what I will net once my house is sold?

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