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3 Tips To Consider When Getting Ready to Sell Your home

Today I'm going to talk about three tips to selling your home and what to avoid along the way. 1) Think about your sale as a business transaction.

We all love our home, but you need to treat this as a business. This means putting your emotions aside. Allow yourself to think of it just the way you would if you were buying a car or if you were someone who was selling a car.

2) choose the right Realtor.

My suggestion is to interview at least two people. You may know a realtor who is a friend but you want a realtor who's a good negotiator, who understands the market, your goals, the location, the style, and the demographic who would want your house and has the means to purchase it. A good realtor, on the first meeting should be talking to you on staging and ways to position the marketing to bring in the right buyers.

3) Price Your Home Correctly.

One of the pitfalls in selling a house is thinking your house is worth more than the market will bear. You realtor will bring in comparable homes sold in your area to show you what buyers are paying. If a home is overpriced many buyers will pass on coming to look at it. Buyers are looking for value. If it doesn't sell within the first three weeks buyers who do see it will most likely opt to put in a low offer.

Questions? Got to the contact page and message me!

Luxury Mill Valley Home, Sold

Darcy Elman Real

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