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Important Tips on Buying a Home

Most of us begin the home search six months to a year before we are ready to move. Choosing the right location and the right home is for some a fun past time. You may not be a first time home buyer, but it's always good to get a perspective when the overwhelm sets in? Most of us start shopping online at Zillow or, but did you know that brokerage firms now have search engines as well? I worked for compass and we offer a full MLS for clients. So if you went on you could actually put in all your criteria and see active homes with photos and listing details.

Next you've heard the story, location, location, location. The reason why location is so important is two fold, one the value of your home is often reflected in the neighborhood and zip come you are buying in. The idea is that you are building equity in your home and saving for the future. I like to remind my buyers that the proximity of your home is essential to your social life outside of work. Most people choose house based on their commute to work. My suggestion is that you choose a house based on your fun weekend lifestyle. If you're someone who loves to wake up on a weekend and go to cafes choose a house around your favorite coffee hangout. If all your friends live in one part of town, choose a house that is close to that part of town. Let's find a home to enhance your best life.

The next topic is price. It's no secret that the more you spend, the more you get. However, even if you don't have a lot of money, here are jewels that are not selling. I've seen it over and over again, fabulous houses and for some reason, no one is buying it. Don't be afraid to look at houses that have been on the market a long time. It gives you buying power so you can come in a little lower. If your realtor sends you listings that are high for your budget maybe it's been on the market and you can put in a lower offer. I always say home find buyers as buyers find homes!

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